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KCC 2010: About Kuwait Chemical Society

Established in 1983, Kuwait Chemical Society's (KCS) interests include caring for chemists and chemistry affairs, introducing the causes of chemistry to the society, organizing and sponsoring communication with similar Arab and foreign organizations, as well as representing Kuwait to the international forums.

The Society, which is one of the most prominent NGO's in Kuwait, has intensive activities - in collaboration with the official authorities and organizations, and affiliated societies - in several areas of action, with the objective of enhancing the chemical culture, introducing this science and its role in the lives of individual and communities. The Society adopts the slogan "Chemistry is Life", which is highly expressive of its conviction. The slogan also constitutes a framework organizing the Society's activities. This means that the Society should be present in the various occasions, laying solutions, and providing visions and perspectives in most of the significant causes of the community.

Major Objectives of KCS:
  -  Giving care to the joint professional interests of its members, upgrading their scientific capabilities, and studying the conditions of the Kuwaiti chemists, so as to achieve the best job situation that suits the nature of their career.

  -  Linking the Society with the community via scientific programs, seminars, and lectures on chemistry, and the relevant issues.

  -  Organizing communication with similar Arab and foreign societies, strengthening links and scientific exchange with such societies, as well as representing the State of Kuwait in the scientific forums relating to chemistry and its activities.

  -  Highlighting the role of former and contemporary Kuwaiti and Arab chemists, publishing scientific periodicals, issuing books, and organizing conferences and events that glorify this aspect.

Society Membership:
Kuwait Chemical Society (KCS) is an active member of:
- Union of Arab Chemists (UAC).
- Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS).
- International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

Board Members:
- Dr. AbdulAziz Abdul Razzak Al-Najjar - President
- Mr. Adnan AbdulAziz Al-Shalfan - Vice-President
- Mr. Marzouk Al-Shimmari - Secretary
- Mr. Mohammad Al-Qallaf - Treasurer
- Dr. Haidar Behbehani
- Dr. Aliya Al-Ettaibi
- Ms. Khalida Al-Dolama.
- Mr. Hamdan Mohammad Al-Ajmi
- Mr. Mohammad Al-Azmi

  Main Sponsors  
  MOSAL (Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor)
AWQAF (Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation)
  Equate (Equate Petrochemical Company)
KCCI (Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

  KCS (Kuwait Chemical Society)
KFAS (Kuwait foundation for Advancement of Science)
IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)
Kuwait University
KISR(Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research)
PAAET (Public Authority for Applied Education and Training)

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